Repair and replacement of expansion joints

We offer the service in the scope of repair or replacement of expansion joints.


We execute following types of works:

- renovation of corrosion protection system,

- cleaning or replacement of elastomeric sealants,

- replacement of damaged noise-reduction plates,

- repair of supporting systems, both scissor-type and traverse beams,

- replacement of cover plates,

- replacement of the expansion joints, including the change of the type (for example removal of flexible expansion joints and installation of modular expansion joints instead),

- repair of pavement nearby the expansion gap.

The works are conducted with regard to local requirements with full cooperation with the Client. Our technology might provide continuous traffic on the bridge during the installation with minimal inconvenience caused by closing half of the roadway at a time. Our experience lets us provide a service which reduces the nuisance for the users of the road.

Below our reference projects might be found. For more information please visit Realizations and Knowledge base.

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